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About Inksplot Web

Why Inksplot Web began…

Control – Freedom – Peace of Mind

In 2007, the ideology of Inksplot Web was born.
Small businesses needed more control over their online presence. Even if they aren’t technical.

After hearing repeatedly from students, friends, strangers, and clients…

  • I have no access to my business website.
  • So-n-So locked my website and I don’t have access.
  • I don’t have a website because I don’t know what I need.
  • Making a website isn’t my gig.
  • It costs too much to hire someone.
  • I don’t trust anyone to take care of my website. I’ve lost enough money trying to get online.
  • I’m not techy enough.
  • I don’t understand why I need a website.
  • And the list goes on and on.

It was time to give small business owners options for their online website. Plus, help educate small business owners, allowing them to have an online presence on their terms. Giving them freedom to have control over their online business.

It was time for small businesses to gain valuable knowledge about their website without all the crap. This knowledge would give them power to create or update their websites themselves. And if they didn’t want to, they had the knowledge to hire someone without getting ripped off and still staying in control.

No more losing a website or domain to someone not owning the business.

No more website hostage situations!

In 2023, Inksplot Web became a reality.

Computer screen with a website being built

Why Choose Inksplot Web?


– You want more control over your business website.
– You want options when it comes to your web presence.


– You want more freedom when it comes to your business website.
– You make the decisions for your online presence.

Peace of Mind

– Know you own your website, domain, and hosting.
– No more websites, domains, emails being held hostage.

JM Davis

Helping you keep control of your business website.

As an adult educator I realized people learn for a need or interest. Nothing more, if there isn’t a need or interest people will not learn new skills.

As a small business owner I learned that people in the tech field usually did without explaining. Techies assumed small business owners didn’t understand the tech and they new best. This leaves many small business owners at the mercy of tech people to build and maintain their websites.

As a corporate and community computer trainer I realized how much small businesses needed knowledge when it came to their online presence. Knowledge that empowers them to make decisions about their websites and social media. Knowledge that helps them gain confidence in their own abilities online. Knowledge that allows small businesses to be true to themselves and their values.

Through Inksplot Web I combine my knowledge, experience, and findings as an educator, computer instructor, web designer, small business owner, and content marketer and copywriter to help small businesses create an online presence for themselves.

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